Tips To Delay The Signs Of Aging

Believe It Or Not, The Signs Of Aging Have A Way Of Catching Up With All Of Us.

Most often than not, we fail to appreciate our firm skin and youthful appearance simply because we believe we still have time to look good before the onset of wrinkles appear. In our early twenties, we feel youthful and fresh, to the point that we often forget to prepare for the coming signs of aging. It’s during this time that some develop harmful habits such as smoking, drinking, substance abuse, excessive sun exposure and an unhealthy eating pattern.

We continue with these unhealthy habits until we turn 35. All of the sudden, we could be looking in the mirror at a complete stranger that has poorly aged. It’s at this point that we start to worry about what has happened to us over the years and the choices one has made.

Believe it or not, the signs of aging have a way of catching up with all of us. It is mainly affected by lifestyle and genetics. These factors don’t creep up suddenly to make us appear older; they slowly progress until the signs become obvious for everyone to see.

So here is the question; how can I delay the signs of aging and extend my youthful days?

Well, the answer is not farfetched. It doesn’t matter if you are fourteen or forty. There are some activities and lifestyle changes you can implement to delay the signs of aging and extend your youthful days. In this article, we will discuss the causes of aging and the best ways you can delay these signs.

Factors That Lead To Aging

The factors that lead to aging include but are not limited to the following:

  • Consumption of junk food: Poor dieting such as too much consumption of junk food affects the body by speeding up the signs of aging. This food, due to chemical preservatives, tends to increase the general pH of the body thus making it more acidic than neutral. An acidic body system is rich in oxidants which accumulate in cells to bring about early aging.
  • Dehydration: Dehydration is not just harmful to the body by increasing the rate of exposure to diseases; it also creates an environment for oxidants to thrive. Lack of water in the body system limits the number of negative ions in circulation to serve as antioxidants in the body.
  • Excess weight: The consumption of junk food, dehydration and excessive weight gain all has one thing in common; alteration of the body pH. While the latter is the body’s mechanism to protect vital organs from the acidic environment in the body, the former creates an environment that supports the accumulation of these positive ions in and around cells.
  • Emotional stress: Stress keeps the body overworked and causes mass death of cells, thus making you appear older than your age.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking: These are habits that lead to the death of cells in your body. They tend to overwork your entire body system and in turn, increase the rate of aging.
  • Exposure to too much sun: This causes your skin cells to undergo mass suicide which appears as sunburns. The excessive exposure to the sun creates an environment for the signs of aging such as wrinkles.
  • Presence of Toxins: Toxins have been known to serve as poisons to the body. These substances are not just harmful to metabolic processes, they also increase the rate at which signs of aging appear.

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How To Delay Early Aging

Delaying the signs of early aging usually begins with lifestyle changes. Healthy habits to minimize the signs of premature aging include the following.

Regular Exercise

Data gathered from the findings of the longest-running clinical trial on the relationship between physical activity and aging reveals the fact that regular exercise has a vital role to play in the prevention of early aging. It keeps the body healthy and reduces the loss of mobility associated with old age. Regular exercise burns out bone mass thus making your heart beat in an efficient manner. It increases the rate of oxygen circulation since your body may have an oxygen deficit that needs to be replenished. It improves the flow of blood to the brain and releases serotonin which is the chemical responsible for fighting depression.

Get Enough Rest

Make time in your day to get enough rest and sleep. Overworking the body is one of the easiest ways to appear older. Recent studies have revealed that sleep deprivation can cause your skin to age at a faster rate.

Don’t Just Satisfy Your Hunger; Eat Right

Eating right goes beyond satisfying your hunger, it makes sure all essential nutrients are provided. Eat more natural foods rather than processed, consume less packaged food and make sure you eat plenty of vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals and contain a high level of antioxidants. Dieting improves your body’s ability to preserve your telomeres which are the ends of your chromosomes that shrink with age. It also reduces the rate of exposure to cancer and other age-related diseases.

Develop A Healthy Lifestyle

Quit activities such as substance abuse, smoking, and over consumption of alcohol to preserve your body and reduce the rate at which it’s overworked. Create a daily routine centered on a healthy lifestyle such as avoiding too much sun exposure and a reduction in stress.


You can return to your youthful days and delay the appearance of early aging with the aforementioned healthy habits, along with a positive mindset and a high level of dedication. Drink plenty of water, eat more natural than processed foods, practice dieting and engage in physical activities to keep your body as healthy as possible.

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