Influence Of Social Media On Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeons Are Experiencing A 30% Rise In The Number Of Clients That Are Interested In Having Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is gaining popularity every day, and one of the primary causes of this is the rise of social media. A survey based on the influence of social media on plastic surgery by the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery shows that plastic surgeons are experiencing a 30% rise in the number of clients that are interested in having plastic surgery due to social media. The responses obtained from the survey was from 753 AAFPRS board-certified facial plastic surgeons, which were based on their experiences during reconstructive and plastic surgery.

“We live in a very visual world and have come to expect that we will be ‘Googled’ or ‘Facebooked’ before actually meeting someone socially or professionally,” said Sam Rizk, M.D., a member of AAFPRS and the director of the Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery in New York Time.

How Social Media Influences The Practice Of Plastic Surgery

How Social Media Influences the Practice of Plastic Surgery

  • Photos

In these digital times, the power of the selfie culture cannot be overestimated. Selfie postings on social media pages are not just a means of showcasing events, but it’s also a continuous reminder of one’s appearance.

Selfies remind us of any forms of wrinkles, double chins, and flabby beach bodies we may have. Most people seeking plastic surgery are inspired to achieve a high standard of beauty that they desire to portray online. Social media however, makes it very easy for us to spot imperfections about our looks. We capture, document and streamline our lives online which leads to a large population receiving a constant flow of our physical appearance.

Rhinoplasty, hair transplants, and eyelid surgery are some of the plastic surgery procedures that attract a huge boost from social media selfies. Each of these plastic surgery procedures can renew appearances and address a particular cosmetic concern.

  • Images

Features of photo-altering apps like Instagram filters have also increased the level of plastic surgery interest. Most patients optimize their looks using various photo filters on Instagram and then proceed to replicate the look through plastic surgery. They can make use of an Instagram filtered image as a sample for the surgeon rather than presenting the photo of celebrities or Instagram models as a sample.

  • Excitement

Most people share their lifestyle on social media. Happy patients who have successfully undergone plastic surgery frequently post before and after photos. Others even blog and post tweets about their proposed breast augmentation or butt resizing procedures. People everywhere are making decisions on how they want to look, and they’re using social media to showcase their results.

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  • Our livelihood

We now live in a connected world where TVs and other gadgets can be controlled remotely from a smartphone, and we can easily connect with the whole world in just a click of a button. However, the internet is not the only way of connecting and learning, it is also a way of showing our image to others. Social media gives us access to share optimized snippets of our lives for others to see. Just like we don’t want to be seen at a store in sweatpants, we don’t want a bad picture of us to be seen online. It’s true that we have full control over what we post online but family, friends, and others can also post and share. A bad photo posted online can live forever. Some people choose plastic surgery as an option to prevent unflattering pictures from being spread throughout the web.

  • Surgeon’s Reputation and Reviews

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon is not child’s play. Social media has fully changed the way patients search for plastic surgeons. Patients can now access positive and negative reviews of every surgeon before deciding on which one to consult with. It’s becoming even easier as some celebrities share their cosmetic surgery experiences through surgeon’s interviews, which help the viewer know what type of challenges they may encounter.

In Conclusion

Cosmetic surgery is an exclusive method of enhancing one’s looks, but it’s very important to be aware that it’s not meant for everybody, especially those seeking ways of improving their looks for the wrong reasons. However, with the help of a professional aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, you will be able to recognize your full potential.

There are many advantages to the changes that social media has had on plastic surgery. It has and is serving as a great tool which helps patients to embrace what they have in a more positive way and it empowers people to make any change that they want to their bodies.

It’s a good thing that everybody is willing to embrace change and create a new beautiful form of themselves.

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