Improving Lower Back Pain And Urinary Incontinence With Abdominoplasty

Can Abdominoplasty Help Improve Your Lower Back Pain?

Abdominoplasty is an operation commonly known to include multiple procedures in order to get the desired effect that will help you lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. This includes removing excess skin from the abdomen, liposuction and rectus muscle plication. It also requires a proper recovery period and the correct diet throughout your recovery period.

According to a study conducted between September 2014 to March 2016 with 214 patient records. Abdominoplasty procedures can help reduce lower back pain and urinary incontinence in both the postpartum and weight loss population. Getting these procedures done with a professional Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Samimi will help provide peace of mind and a dedicated team by your side that will be there to answer any questions prior to and after your procedure.

According to the multicenter prospective study, 30% of the patients underwent an a more extensive abdominoplasty due to their larger size. 3% of the patients went through a miniabdominoplasty, indicating that most of the results came from patients with an average larger size. The radical abdominoplasty consisted of a full rectus plication and the removal of excess skin in the lower abdominal area such as the love handles. 63% of the abdominoplasty procedure included liposuction, a procedure commonly performed by the team at RevivaMed Plastic Surgery.

Improving Your Lower Back With A Tummy Tuck

The study is known to have some flaws but does show that abdominoplasty can help improve your lifestyle and standard of living. 98.6% of the patients improved their scores for back pain and urinary incontinence after 6 months or at least returned back to their pre-op score at the 6 months survey. Consensus showed that after the 6-month post-op period, improvements were greatly noticed and if additional improvements are to come from the abdominoplasty procedure, they would come after the 1-year mark.

Abdominoplasty is a procedure that will not only make you look better but also can help you live a healthier and more active lifestyle Beauty is a reflection of health and inner well-being. The team at RevivaMed Plastic Surgery and Integrative Medicine will guide you through the pre-op, post-op and recovery period.

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