Gaining Acceptance

Is Plastic Surgery Gaining Acceptance World Wide?

Sometimes you may wake in the morning, look in the mirror and notice deeper lines and looking tire. As many of us across the world, we don’t like it, but we also don’t have to live with it. Cosmetic Surgery has been more widely accepted across the world and is a great way to remove these signs of aging.

With increasing acceptance of plastic surgery, getting work done, delaying the signs of aging and restoring our bodies; you no longer have to worry on whether it is acceptable or not by the main stream population.

According to a report on the Business Insider and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Americans spent over $8 Billion in cosmetic procedures during 2016. Between the years of 2000 to 2016, there was a surge in plastic surgery procedures by over 130%. This relates to cosmetic surgery only, it does not encompass reconstructive procedures due to injury, disease or gender re-assignment.

This data gives the impression that cosmetic procedures have taken their norm and that there is no judgement towards the procedure type. Nose reshaping alone has a total of $1.1 Billion spent, Breast Augmentation landed just a bit below this at $1.08 Billion. These results are for the 2016 period alone and hundreds of millions more on a number of other surgical procedures.

The list goes on and on when it relates to cosmetic plastic surgery, for example, the total expenditures for facelift alone was well over $900 million. Liposuction and tummy tucks combined, totaled almost $1.5 Billion with it being split just right in the middle – give or take a few millions. Breast lift totaled almost $500 million while eyelid surgery was well over $630 million for the year.

Based on the National trends and survey’s done by hundreds of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons across the United States. One can surmise that yes, to most, plastic surgery does make them feel better even if the reasons are completely different for some than others. A patient can be pleased with their reconstructive surgery procedure as it brings normalcy back into their lives. In the same way a cosmetic surgery procedure can make someone pleased and happy about the improvement in their physical appearance.

The National trends also show that a large portion of cosmetic procedures are being done in the western United States than in other regions. For example, over 104,000 breast augmentation procedures were completed in the western portion of the U.S. compared to 42,000 in the north east United States. The reasons for this could be many, disposable income, societal trends in those regions etc. etc. we are not going to speculate in this article but just make you aware.

Dr. Samimi and the RevivaMed Plastic Surgery team have been an important part of this community and the growth that this industry has experienced over the last 10 years. With their extensive experience Dr. Samimi and his team are highly recommended by their patients.

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