4 Reasons You Should Choose MD Supervised Skincare

An Over-The-Counter Product May Work At The Beginning, But For How Long?

Have you ever looked at your vanity table and wondered why you have so many unused skincare products? Looking back, you realize that for years you have been treating a particular range of skin conditions, using various brands of products. At the time you were confident that you’d purchased the “miracle” product that would be the perfect fix for your skin condition.

If you can relate, it’s time to take action now. An over-the-counter product may work at the beginning, but for how long? And again, if they do work, why do you have so many piling up in your cabinet?

If you really care about the largest organ on your body – your skin – then you should take the time to consult a certified dermatologist when you have serious skin concerns.

Now, this may spark a lot of BUTs in your mind –

  • But over-the-counter is cheaper
  • But there are so many options I can choose from
  • But my cosmetician is certified too
  • But I understand my skin and know what I want.

It’s okay to have all these thoughts, and we will help you clear them up in this article.

Let’s put it this way…

Dermatologists Spend Over 12 Years Studying Skin Conditions And Physiology

Unlike other healthcare professionals, only a dermatologist can help you understand your skin, its conditions and needs CONCRETELY. Their educational qualifications, and experience in the skincare industry puts them at the forefront of skincare consultations, technology, products, treatments and prescriptions. Now, who do you think is the best for you; a salon cosmetician or a dermatologist?

Not sold, yet?

Let’s take a look at four reasons why you should always opt for MD approved skincare products.

Access To Innovative Technologies And Products Only Available To Licensed Physicians

Almost every other month there’s a breakthrough in the skincare industry, and chances are you may never hear about them. What does this entail? When you obtain the services of a board-certified dermatologist; you have access to the most up-to-date FDA approved clinical technologies, products, and procedures.

When you visit spas and salons, you may notice that they’re repeatedly selling the same products, technologies and procedures year-in, year-out – nothing new. And when you see new machines, how can you be certain they’ve been tested for skin safety?

Licensed skincare personnel are the only individuals accredited to handle new and approved technologies. Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, licensed medical doctors hold the keys to specific machines, products, and procedures that treat specific conditions on different parts of the skin.

Medical Grade Skincare Are Tested And Proven To Be More Potent

In comparison with OTC an advantage of medical skincare lies in their potency. OTC products are only allowed a certain amount of potency; this is to ensure that the contents are reasonably safe for any individual who may use them.

Clinically tested skincare products and procedures are allowed the limits of full efficacy for specific skin types, skin conditions and patients’ needs. Hence, they’re only made available to licensed physicians, who can prescribe them.

Some of these products take years before their formulas are derived, produced, clinically tested repeatedly before getting approved by medical boards and released into the market. These regulations ensure that they’re effective and safe for skin types and conditions that they’re formulated for, while OTC products are mostly self-regulated knock-offs of the medical grade products.

Put A Stop To Trial And Errors

Ever felt like a lab rat? You pay a visit to your salon or spa, describe your skin concerns and how the previous OTC didn’t really work, but it worked better than the one before it. Your cosmetician starts telling you about this NEW product which they believe is the right product for your acne, wrinkles and the likes. Now you’re convinced to try it with other products of the same brand. You go home, clear out the old bottles and store the new ones – for another round of trials.

Here’s what’s happening –

  • You’re accumulatively losing lots of money,
  • You’re encouraging the buildup of various chemicals and active ingredients, which your skin may never need
  • You’ve gotten into a trial-and-error loop, and you’ve made your skin a specimen.

With the help of a certified physician, you can be confident you’re getting a product specific to your skin type, conditions, and goals. You also reap the benefits of saving yourself a lot of money, stress (mental and otherwise) and frustrations in the long run.

Only Licensed Medical Providers Are Qualified By State Laws To Perform Laser Treatments, Cosmetic Injections, IPL Treatments, Etc.

The knowledge is pretty straightforward – medical procedures should only be carried out by licensed medical personnel. And not every medical doctor is licensed to carry out skincare procedures. So, if you’re entertaining the thought of undergoing a skincare procedure, you should confirm that your physician is licensed, before requesting any services they’re providing.

These are delicate procedures which if not done properly may damage your appearance irreparably. Opting for an MD supervised procedure gives you the confidence that you’re getting authentic injectables which are unavailable to non-professionals.

Don’t turn your skin into a test specimen – lab rat – opt for MD supervised skincare, to get a thorough skin evaluation, which will determine the best products, technologies and procedures tailored to your conditions and desired outcomes.

Save money. Stay safe. Live healthier. Live happier.

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